Rated a perfect “5/5 stars” by 90% of clients!

Overall, our dog has been doing MUCH better. We have both noticed huge improvements since your initial consultation. Thank you for everything–we are so grateful for what you have helped us with!

A.G., Puyallup, WA

Thanks for all of your help…it’s amazing how quickly you can see progress when you learn to speak ‘dog'”!

V.F., Lakewood, WA

file0001815917228Thank you for giving me back my dog, only better!

E.F., Bonney Lake, WA

Karen was fantastic! From the moment she arrived, she had our dog working! And these were mental games – not physical – and our dog loved them! When Karen left, our dog immediately curled up for a nap – she was exhausted. Can’t wait to try the many suggestions Karen offered!

D.M., Puyallup, WA

file0001154794968I just keep thinking about how helpful you have been to my family. I so appreciate you for giving [our dog] a voice and guiding us both toward our best life together.

J.B., Puyallup, WA

Karen is the most fabulous trainer ever! I’m learning just as much as my dog is….

T.K., Ewa Beach, HI

Karen was amazing! We have a deaf puppy who requires a lot of special attention. Karen was so great in working with her and with us on how to work with her. We have come so far, and thankfully, with Karen’s patience, we have learned to stay calm in handling [our puppy’s] needs. I highly recommend Karen. She is a pleasure to work with.

B.C., Honolulu, HI

So glad we found Karen!  I love the fact that she can come to your house for private lessons and train your dog in your own environment. The price for a private lesson is worth every penny, and in my opinion is very reasonable. We have a Corgi that is very fearful of loud noises and would get upset when we left the house. He exhibited aggressive behavior because of his fear. Karen taught us how to train our dog and explained why our dog was behaving the way he was. She helped us calm him down by showing us how to refocus his energy.

We originally called Karen because we were expecting our first child and were afraid that our “only child” dog would be upset about the addition to our family. Karen showed us how to prepare to introduce our daughter to our dog. Karen’s methods and the information she gives you is so helpful. She truly is very knowledgeable about dogs and helps you have an even better relationship with your pet. Her help has definitely improved our interactions with our dog that we love so much. We noticed a huge difference in our dog after just one training session. I highly recommend her!

M.C., Kapolei, HI


I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer!

“Finding a positive reinforcement trainer with fearful dog experience was not an easy task, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find Karen. My dog has always been anxious and fearful of new situations. For this reason, I only trust a few people to walk, train, or stay with my dog. Karen not only made sure my dog was safe and happy, but she also utilized TTouch methods to help calm my dog’s anxiety. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer!

E.J., San Diego, CA

Karen’s depth of knowledge in animal behavior, combined with her training expertise has made for a wonderful training experience. She is organized and provides written, as well as online sources to enhance learning. Highly recommended!

L.K., Gig Harbor, WA

Karen was so good with our dog, Lilly! Lilly really connected with Karen and was always happy to engage in training sessions with her. Karen provided good reading material to supplement the day training sessions she conducted in our home. She also did training sessions by taking Lilly to public locations and worked with her around other people, which was very helpful. Karen was also very helpful with recommending the correct [training supplies] for my dog’s age and activity level.

R.W., Honolulu, HI

Karen was one of two dog behaviorists recommended by our veterinarian to help de-escalate a dog bite incident. I hired Karen because of her professionalism, calm demeanor, communications skills, and flexibility. She kept close contact with me and provided support by answering my questions [in between our training sessions] via phone, text, and email. Karen has a plethora of references and resources to further help educate the human to understand the nature of the canine. This is only the beginning to a calmer and happier dog. Might I add, the human too. I highly recommend Matters of the Canine Kind!”

J.C., Kaneohe, HI

Karen is a great, natural teacher. She helped me prioritize behaviors to work on with the 2 pugs we just adopted, and then provided clear explanations, modeling [how to work with them], and I got to immediately practice the skills, too! After just one session I feel like I have a clearer idea of next-step goals for the dogs as well as for myself in relationship with the dogs. One of the main points I got from Karen is that it’s important to enjoy your dogs daily and to provide a stimulating, interesting environment for them. Their brains deserve it! And our relationship will develop that way, too! Recommended!

A.B., Kailua, HI